Vacuum bedding/sacking (you're enclosed in a rubber sac, the air is vacuumed out, the suction makes it so you can't move and are at your partner's mercy(or lack thereof)).


youre reblogging things twice

I know, thank you. I don’t know why tumblr is doing it, but I’ll go back and delete the extras. Again, sorry for the unintentional spam.

I went into my anon tag to find something and

wowie I forgot how many nice anons I’ve had

if you sweeties are still following me, thanks! rereading your messages made me feel a lot better~

How was your first day of April?

It was actually pretty good. Not too busy at work, did some grocery shopping, (snuck in for a veggie burger from BK, dont tell my boss), then played some Pokemon until I felt like getting online. Found out I could get a $10 Amazon giftcard on one of my survey sites, so I got that and am debating what to get.

If it hadn’t been for the asshole neighbour (who may just find used kitty litter on his doorstep if I hear him complain again), it’d be the  best day I’ve had this year.

…Which may actually be the scariest thing of all.

But thanks for asking, sweet Anon! It made me feel better~

Do you think people who wear fake glasses (because they like them and wish they wore them for whatever reason) are being ableist/not understanding the difficulty of poor vision?

I’ve honestly never really thought about it?

Cuz people need glasses for all sorts of situations- nearsightedness, farsightedness, reading, UV protection, prevention of headaches, and all that jazz.

I mean, it certainly can be ableist to wear something that’s supposed to be corrective when you don’t require them, but personally speaking (PERSONALLY, mind you), I think of glasses as more of an accessory, even though I require them myself. It’d be hard to pinpoint that someone didn’t need them, and I doubt it would be brought up. Even if it was, glasses are so common that I don’t think that it would become an issue at all.

I mean, really. What would you even say? “Hey, how dare you like those metal/plastic fiddlybits that you stick on your face, remove them at once!”

My thoughts if I found out someone wore glasses without needing them would probably go “Oh, well, you look cute with AND without those. Lucky asshole you.”

Anyways, it’s not nice but it doesn’t really hurt anyone so I don’t really care one way or another. Hope that’s what you were looking for.

10, 12, 13?

10. Biggest turn on(s)


I uh, have a lot of turn-ons that only I and Google know, but to be perfectly honest (and a bit different), having my rattail played with is a really big turn-on. I dunno why there more than the hair on the rest of my head, but it’s super calming when I do it to myself and super erotic when someone else does <,<;

12. Ideas of a perfect date

Home with food while snuggling in a giant pile of pillows. Movie/game is optional.

If we must go ‘out’, then a bookstore or casual eatery. 5-star places are going to get you five fingers across the face for wasting money.

13. Life goal(s)

For my art and/or writing to at least be supplemental income while I live in a comfy rural-suburban place with space for some rescue animals. Preferably with room for friends to stay for a while.

Overcome ‘em with yeses, undermine ‘em with grins, agree ‘em to death and destruction, let ‘em swoller you till they vomit or bust wide open.

The best form of sabotage is done with a smile, of course.

If you can’t beat them, destroy them from the inside.

For you remember everything and everything is important and stands big and full and fills up Time and is so solid that you can walk around and around it like a tree and look at it. You are aware that time passes, there is a movement in time, but that is not what Time is. Time is not a movement, a flowing, a wind then, but is, rather, a kind of climate in which things are, and when a thing happens it begins to live and keeps on living and stands solid in Time like the tree...

And like the tree I am a thing that also takes up Time, and as such I am a being that also takes up Space. I am the smallest leaf and tiniest atom, the longest of epochs and the most vast of galaxies. I am made of stars and I will become planets, and my Time will both touch and mark more than I can comprehend.





Do you think you could have survived if you were born 100 years ago? (this sounded a lot more interesting in my head :( , I'm thinking of a kankri/signless type of situation where you're born with your memories but omg no internetz).

Hmm, good question! I’m sure I’d find a way to cope if I didn’t have my memories, but if I did…?

Ok yeah I’d totally take advantage of that. Assuming I was born 100 years before my actual birthyear, I’d sabotage, smuggle, and bomb my way through history -particularly the world wars- and pray I didn’t fuck things up worse (but really, how could it get much worse?). If I could get to a place to stop something from happening, I’d be there.

Cuz fuck, why bother knowing about the future if you can’t make it better?

I mean yeah no internetz sucks but I could be a ghost, always there when disaster is about to strike and no one knows it and no one ever will but myself.

If I knew I could change it, it would be worth it. Even if it got me killed in the process.

My mistake, I thought you said somewhere that when you work you wore a different persona that you sort of hid behind. It reminded me of the kuudere trope with the flower growing under icy snow, the icy snow being your persona.

Ohh! No, you’re not mistaken, you just had the wrong blog in mind! The post you’re referring to is from my original art blog, for a challenge I did with my sibling.

I see what you mean now, though! Thanks for answering~