hush, you, you are not trash, congrats

I very much am, but thank you for being kind about it

do people ever comment on you smelling like baked goods?

I… actually don’t smell like baked goods, apparently :T People mention how nice the bakery smells, but I’ve never had someone tell me what I smell like

probably cats, coffee, and cologne

Well, I actually commissioned something from someone, not the other way around. They're someone i've spoken to online several times, but not anything deep. I loved their work & figured I could help them & commission them at the same time. When their pet passed, they said anyone who still wanted their request would get it if they wanted it. I told them to take their time, however, it's been over six months now. Had I received the picture, I wouldn't have cared, but I haven't & there's been NO (1)

communication at all. Theyve stopped speaking to everyone who commissioned them. I feel duped.I understand everyone has a hard life & I don’t want to be insensitive, but they promised. In the past, this person has commissioned me & things went fine. I provided the product in a timely manner, they paid & it was good. I just feel like 6 months is a long time for me to wait. Financially, things are hard for me as they are for many people & I put a lot of weight in people keeping their word (2)

& she hasn’t. I don’t want to seem insensitive, but I paid and she took my money. Right now it just feels like I gave my money to a stranger for absolutely nothing. I haven’t even brought this up. I haven’t asked for the money or picture, but at this point I just want my money and I don’t know how to ask. If it costs us what little relationship we have, I guess I’m ok with that. Like she’s bragging about a wedding right now and showing off expensive things, so I feel less bad about asking…

That’s pretty damn shitty, but I’m not clear on if you’ve contacted her or not? You said she hasn’t communicated with anyone she took donations/commissions from, but that you also haven’t asked for the money or the picture?

My advice is that you contact her (wait til after the wedding, if you feel uncomfortable bothering her now), and ask if she’s working on it, if she forgot, or what. Sometimes people forget when they’re stressed, or maybe she really is duping you, but you can’t be sure if you haven’t talked to her.

If she agrees to finish it, give her a (reasonable) time limit, since you’ve already waited six months. If she refuses, or she agrees and still doesn’t provide, then I would recommend submitting her to artists-beware so others can be warned that she does not fulfill her agreements.

Make sure you write clearly so there’s no more misunderstanding, give her time if she needs it since everyone recovers at different rates, and be firm. You acted from the kindness of your heart and she is not appreciating that.

I wish you luck!

Hey, Lee. Can I ask you a hypothetical? I know you have pets, so imagine one gets sick and you open commissions to help pay for treatment. Shortly after opening commissions, the pet unfortunately passes away. People have donated money for the cost of this pet's care. Understandably, youre grieving. Everyone understands. You promise to do the commissions for the people who still want, but you don't. Six months pass. Would you be upset if someone asked for their money back? Would you give it back?

First off I wanna make sure you know that it’s perfectly acceptable that hypothetical me took time to grieve even with the commissions over my head.

Second, it’s kinda a delicate/individual scenario. After all, even if the pet passed away before treatment can start, that doesn’t mean they weren’t taken to a vet and had to be put down, incurring bills from painkillers, blood tests, body scans, and euthanasia (been there myself), so the hypothetical me would still be stuck paying said bills even though the pet passed away (again, been there. $380+ for drugs, a scan, euthanasia, and cremation). However, if this didn’t happen, and the pet died without incurring bills, then there’s really not much I can say about not repaying it if I haven’t finished the commission.

I’d say it would depend on the relationship I had with the person. I would have already gone through the stress of losing the pet, and there’s no reason to give myself more stress. I’d remind the person of any bills I still had to pay, and if they insist on art or repayment, just go with whichever they’re more insistent on.

If this has happened to you, you have my condolences. You’ve gone through enough. No one will blame you for taking the easier path, even if it makes you feel (unnecessarily) guilty.

have you ever fallen into the freezer and had it close on you?

Despite my Crumbs comic, no.

I am short enough, however, that I’ve given many people a scare that I would, with how I lean in off my feet and flail for theatrical purposes.

In the future if you have (a) kid(s), and they enter puberty and start hitting the pornography heavily, how would you handle it? Would you sit them down and have a heart to heart about how while sexuality is good objectifying people is bad, embarrass them by sitting down with them (if you walk in on them) and looking at the porn site together, or just letting them be?

If I should ever be in a place of such misfortune as to be a guardian to a young human being, I would do my best to handle it as the first type.

As hilarious as it is in the movies, having someone not only walk in but make fun of you in such a state and at that age is beyond mortifying and extremely upsetting. I’ve been close to a typical movie scenario where this happens, and it was so upsetting that I had to hide the beginning of a panic attack from the person who disturbed me, because I couldn’t tell them to go away.

My mother was the one to guide me (if you can call it that) in this process. Honestly, she didn’t do a good job. She thought the whole thing hilarious, assumed I knew what the process entailed, offered me condoms, and then sat me down at a porn hub and told me to have fun. So, I had no clue how to actually enjoy myself or to enjoy others, which is not something I would subject my ward to. I would offer them a pamphlet or book on how to do these things properly, without harm to the self or others, give them access to the necessary paraphernalia, and let them approach me when they need help, as much as possible. I want them to discover themselves at their own pace but know that I’ll be there to support and help them if they need it.

I have no desire to obtain a ward, but goddamn, if I ever did, that motherfucker’s gonna be the most well-adjusted piece of shit that ever did grace this mudpit of a planet.

Back in ye olden days of the internet, did you ever happen to read a webcomic called Boy Meets Boy or one called Friendly Hostility?


please don't reblog that scopophobia post because it is so wrong. i have scopophobia and images where the character is looking into the "camera" or viewer so to speak really trigger it. though it is a social phobia it's also triggered by images that make the person feel like they're being watched please don't reblog that scopophobia post pleeeease im really scared that people will stop tagging scopophobia because of it ..

Already deleted! Thank you for telling me, I’ll try to be more diligent in tagging that kind of thing now, too!

1, 9, 20

1.) Tell a bit about a main protagonist and a main antagonist? If your story doesn’t really have “good guys and bad guys”, tell about two characters with opposing viewpoints!

Alvar would be the main protagonist, but urg… there are a lot of individuals who could be filed under antagonist. They all are working for their own personal plans/gains, but said plans are all pretty much coinciding and are going to fuck up Alvars goddamn life

Alvar himself is a somewhat snide journalist with a rags-to-riches background that no one saw coming. The antagonists include a power-hungry general, a couple of pissed mystics, a tribe of arboreal crab-people that have no clue what the fuck is going on, possibly some very murder-happy totally-not-Chocobos, and a few very confused (demi- and full-) deities.

9.) Can you list some traits you have in common with your cast? How about things that are completely different?

I was talking to viridian-plains about this recently, about how characters can represent parts of yourself. Alvar is my excitement with life, and my unconditional (but not unbreakable) love for those I hold dear, after all! But he’s also rude and snide and cuts people off emotionally, and doesn’t do a very good job of coping with his PTSD (not that he can really get much help for it in his situation/universe). The power-hungry general and I both have a cold worldview, and the deities and I share a wish for something better than what we’ve been dealt.

As for differences… Alvar is always very assured in the quality of his work, and has most of his life ordered exactly as he wants it to be. If he wasn’t a crotchety bastard bachelor, he’d be pretty set. The general has far higher ambitions (and the desire to reach them) than I do, and … I don’t know what to say about the deities :T

20.) Tell about a significant location in your setting - it can be a city, a country, or even a specific venue, home, etc.?

Ah, perhaps the most important place is a beached ship. It sailed into the uncharted oceans in an attempt to save its precious cargo, and found itself stranded in the icy northern waters that the Fhyrd like Adje’kadatt frequent.

Despite repeated attempts, no Fhyrd has been able to board the ship for reasons unknown, though they know for a fact that there’s something still ticking away the time in that metal junkheap…

*sneaks up behind you and whispers in your ear* creeeepy paaaaasta~

0/10 barely blinked

you can be scarier than that anon I believe in you